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Monthly Archives: September 2023

Is “juice” good for health as everyone says?

Is “juice” good for health as everyone says? Fruit juice is another beverage that many people consider good for health. Because it is a product obtained from fruit. That is considered healthy food. But are fruit juices actually as good for health as many people think? This article from

5 diseases from inappropriate “eating behavior”

5 diseases from inappropriate “eating behavior“ Did you know that your eating habits affect your body’s functioning more than you think? But choosing the type of food It may cause the body to function very well. Or it may increase the risk eating behavior of causing serious disease

3 risky behavior “Stomach perforated”

3 risky behavior “Stomach perforated“ Many people may have had a gastrointestinal disease such as gastritis. But when talking about a perforated stomach, We may wonder if it has anything to do with gastritis. or allowing gastritis for a long time Will it increase the risk of gastric perforation or not? How