3 risky behavior “Stomach perforated”

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3 risky behavior “Stomach perforated

Many people may have had a gastrointestinal disease such as gastritis. But when talking about a perforated stomach, We may wonder if it has anything to do with gastritis. or allowing gastritis for a long time Will it increase the risk of gastric perforation or not? How dangerous is a perforated stomach? And who is at risk of getting this disease? Report from ufabet https://ufabet999.com

Why does the “stomach” “perforate” ?

Dr. Ponphon Khaosombatwattana Lecturer in the Department of Gastroenterology Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, stated that our stomach is similar to a pig’s stomach, meaning it has many layers. Normally when we have a stomach ulcer, The wound is only in the superficial layer. of the stomach wall But when do all the layers of the stomach wall become so wound that they penetrate each other? leak When that happens, a gastric perforation will occur. Gastric juice or stomach acid flows through this hole into the abdominal cavity. stimulate inflammation The patient therefore had severe abdominal pain. and can become infected in the bloodstream 

How dangerous is a perforated stomach?

Most of the time, the disease is not life-threatening. Except for some patients who come to see the doctor too late and have complications and become infected in the bloodstream.

Symptoms of perforated gastritis

The patient will have severe abdominal pain in the epigastric region. Until causing him to come to the hospital acutely because he could not bear the pain in his stomach This is different from abdominal pain in general gastritis. which will greatly sting the stomach Or slight stomach pain. However, the word “gastritis” that we have become accustomed to calling each other is actually stomach irritation. or stomach inflammation itself

3 Risky Behaviors for Stomach Perforation

  1. taking painkillers for a long time 

taking medication for headache Muscle pain, etc. Side effects of the drug will reduce the production of mucus. or substances that have alkaline effects in the stomach Makes the acid in the stomach, which we usually use to digest food. Back to digest our own stomach walls, so taking antacids should be eaten when the stomach is empty, such as eating immediately after meals. Or may use antacids to prevent ulcers concurrently

  1. Infection with Helicobacter pylori bacteria

This bacteria is common in the environment, such as food or contact with the saliva of infected people with whom we eat food. In general, we do not know whether there is an infection or not. Because most of them may not cause symptoms.

  1. People who smoke regularly

Cigarettes increase the risk of stomach ulcers easily. Then a gastric perforation can occur.

Behaviors that are not at risk for gastritis

  • Eat very spicy food 

It is an incorrect understanding. Spicy foods may trigger an upset stomach. But it does not lead to ulcers causing the stomach to perforate.

  • Drink alcohol on an empty stomach 

If we drink alcohol on an empty stomach Alcohol is absorbed quickly. causing the stomach to be unable to protect itself in time The stomach becomes inflamed. However, drinking alcohol on an empty stomach does not cause a perforated stomach either.

  • drink soda 

Carbonated water is acidic and gassy. Drinking makes you feel uncomfortable and sick to your stomach. Some people may trigger stomach symptoms. But it is not directly related to the ulcer that causes the stomach to perforate.

Most patients with gastric perforation are able to lead normal lives. If received timely treatment

Therefore, if we can prevent risk factors We will prevent it from coming back again. and can be cured from this disease as well