how to play fish shooting games

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The way to play fish shooting games is super easy. like a game that many of you used to play in childhood How to play it is Have to shoot the fish swimming in the pond on the screen to death. when shooting dead fish Players will receive money immediately. There is nothing complicated like other gambling games that use cards or dice to play without counting points against the dealer or others. We just hope that we will be able to  shoot that fish  to death or not. Within the game, there will be many aquatic animals that live in the ocean, be it fish, shrimp, turtles, octopus, or even dragons and crocodiles. And the jackpot of the fish shooting game will be Boss fish that are extra large and harder to die than normal fish. But if anyone can shoot the boss fish to death will receive a lot of prize money unexpectedly. สมัคร UFABET

Get to know different types of fish in the game.

Weir in the game will have a variety of aquatic animals. Each of them will have different payout rates or rewards. But can be divided into 3 types of fish:

  •  General fish  : It is a fish that is both small and large. It was easy to moderate to death. Doesn’t take a lot of ammunition to kill. There is a prize money at a multiplier of 1 to a multiplier of 200.
  •  Special fish  : It is a fish that gamblers must hurry to deal with. because it is a fish that comes with special items When you shoot this fish You will receive items to help make your play easier. This type of fish has a special symbol that if you can handle it. receive special items
  • Boss fish  : It is the most wanted fish by gamblers. Because it is a giant fish with a huge value It’s like getting the jackpot from a slot game. And it’s not easy to manage. These fish have special abilities such as fast movement, slow movement but with enormous endurance. and has the ability to switch In which the fish shooter must rely on items or special guns that have the highest ability to deal with it.