Journalists express their gratitude to ‘Messi’ for bringing happiness

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Hearing this profoundly After the Argentinian journalist thanked Lionel Messi for bringing happiness to so many people and meaning everyone’s life is more valuable than winning the World Cup

Messi. He made an excellent appearance for Argentina at the World Cup in Qatar and led the team to beat Croatia in the finals.

“Blue White” will face France and Morocco. Match this Sunday This will be Messi’s last chance to win the World Cup. The UFABET report

However, whether they won the World Cup or not, journalist Sofia Martinez thanked Messi for bringing happiness to so many people.

“The last thing I want to tell you is not a question. But I just want to say that the World Cup final is coming and of course, all of us Argentines want to win it.

“I just want to tell you that regardless of the outcome, There’s something that people can’t take away from you and that’s the fact that you’re in the hearts of Argentineans, everyone, I’m serious

. Whether it’s fake, real or handmade,

you truly mean everyone’s lives. And to me that is more valuable than winning the world title ′

′ No one can take that away from you and this is my thanks. For the happiness you have created for so many people,

I hope you take these words with all your heart. Because I really believe that is more important than winning the World Cup and you have that. So thank you Captain.”