Tips for playing fish shooting games

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when entering the fish shooting games Players can choose the level to play. Each level has a set betting limit. Players can choose according to their capital. when entering the game Inside the virtual world under the sea. There will be 1-6 players, each with a different gun. for use in shoot fish The ammunition used is your money in the game. which can be reduced or increased Therefore, the most important principle in playing Is to shoot the fish to die quickly using the least amount of ammunition. It will be the best technique to make money. สมัคร UFABET

  • Choose to shoot fish one by one  : Don’t shoot random fish. because it would be a waste of money in vain The most important principle of playing fish shooting games is to make the most of your ammunition. because ammunition is your capital
  • Another player  ‘s last shot: Last shot is when we jointly shoot fish that other players are shooting. and if we succeed Shoot fish that other players are shooting at the last moment. The winnings of that fish will be yours. without wasting a lot of ammunition
  • Never press AUTO  to shoot: because shooting fish automatically is a wasteful shooting. and rarely hope for results
  • Special fish should not be overlooked  : because special fish will have special effects or items that come with them. If we managed to succeed Those special items will be ours. Or those effects will make it easier to kill other fish.