Vialli suspended from national team due to cancer

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Former striker Gianluca Vialli has suspended his role with the Italian national team as he recovers from a recurrence of cancer.

The former Juventus and Chelsea striker was diagnose with pancreatic cancer again in December last year. After recovering from the condition in April 2020.

“At the end of a long and difficult negotiation with my wonderful team of oncologists, I have decided to suspend, hopefully temporarily, my present and future professional commitments,” said Vialli, head of delegation of the Azzurri.

and After consulting with his doctor, Vialli immediately decided to suspend the head of the national team’s delegation for treatment.

“After long and difficult discussions with my wonderful medical team, I have decided to take a break, hopefully temporarily, from my duties now and in the future,” Vialli said

. In order to move on to something new as quickly as possible and share it with all of you.”

Vialli won numerous trophies during his time as a player for Sampdoria, Juventus and Chelsea, as well as finishing third at the 1990 World Cup with Italy. The UFABET report

He was appointed to Roberto Mancini’s staff in 2019 and was instrumental in helping the Azzurri win the Euros last year by beating England on penalties.