Get to know the disease “weak eye muscles”, a disorder from the nervous system

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Get to know the disease “weak eye muscles“, a disorder from the nervous system

What is ophthalmoplegia?

Associate Professor Dr. Prima Hirunwiwatkul Department of Ophthalmology Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University states that asthenia is a condition in which the eyelid or the muscles holding the eyeball become weak after being used for a period of time. Report from

Causes of eye muscle weakness

eye muscle weakness disease Caused by an abnormality of the body’s immune system. At the junction between the nerve and skeletal muscle Decreases the work of weak eye muscles neurotransmitters and have muscle weakness. Can be found in every age group.

Causes of muscle weakness It comes from our body creating an abnormal immune system. There is a type of immune system that likes to compete for neurotransmitters with receptors in the muscles. This causes neurotransmitters secreted from nerves to work less. Muscles therefore weaken with time of use and decreased neurotransmitters.

Risk factors for ocular muscle weakness

  • People with abnormal immune systems
  • Has a family history of ophthalmoplegia (It is a disease that can be transmitted through genetics)
  • I am a patient with thyroid disease. Because eye muscle weakness usually comes with thyroid disease in approximately 10-15% of cases.
  • Being a cancer patient Although it is rare But many types of cancer or cancer can stimulate the immune system and cause similar problems. Eye muscle weakness
  • Women aged 20-40 years and men over 50 years of weak eye muscles age are at higher risk than other ages.

Symptoms of eye muscle weakness

  • Droopy eyelids are similar to age-related ptosis.
  • can’t open eyes 
  • can’t roll eyes 
  • Strabismus, different from normal
  • not close eyes
  • Can’t focus image
  • Double images are seen when two images are overlaid or separated from each other. because the line of sight of both eyes does not look in the same position But if the patient closes one eye The double image will disappear.
  • The symptoms come and go during the day, or can be called the symptoms of “good morning, bad afternoon”, that is, almost no symptoms after waking up. The symptoms will be more intense in the afternoon and evening and the symptoms will improve when resting.

How to treat eye muscle weakness

  • Eye drops for patients with mild droopy eyelids no other symptoms can make the eyelids lift up to use It’s the safest way.
  • taking drugs that increase the activity of neurotransmitters But there may be side effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, salivation, muscle twitching, etc.
  • taking steroid medication In cases where drugs to increase the activity of neurotransmitters are ineffective But there may be more side effects such as acne, obesity, increased blood sugar. lowered immunity muscle pain Or abnormal hormones, etc. If taking steroids Do not stop taking the drug yourself. And must strictly follow the doctor’s advice.
  • Take immune-suppressing drugs Used in groups where steroid medicine is not effective. It has the most dangerous side effects. Has the effect of destroying the liver or depressing the bone marrow
  • Surgery for patients who do not respond to any of the aforementioned drugs, but treatment with eyelid surgery has uncertain results.

If the patient performs eyelid lift surgery without knowing that he or she has ocular muscle weakness When the disease improves or is treated, the eyelids may be raised abnormally. Turned out to be a lame eyelid, so before deciding to do eyelid surgery If the patient has any of the above symptoms, it should be checked that they are not caused by ptosis before deciding to undergo eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery to correct ptosis.

How to take care of yourself when myasthenia gravis

  1. get enough sleep sleepless
  2. Don’t work so hard that you’re too tired.
  3. Avoid being in areas where temperatures are too hot. (If it’s cool symptoms will improve)
  4. Avoid being in areas that are too bright.
  5. Female patients who are still menstruating During menstruation Symptoms of the disease may be worse than usual. Should be more careful than before by getting more rest.
  6. Always take care of your own health. Avoid infectious diseases because if there is an abnormality of the body Symptoms of the disease will also worsen.
  7. Be careful or consult a doctor before using certain antibiotics such as anticonvulsants and muscle relaxants. because it can make symptoms worse before taking other medicines You should consult your doctor and pharmacist first if you have eye muscle weakness.

If you suspect you may have eye muscle weakness Should be examined by an ophthalmologist or internist at the hospital. To request advice about eye muscle weakness and thyroid disease to continue receiving the correct treatment