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6 advantages of having sex that affect your health

6 benefits of having sex. That has a positive effect on men’s health in ways that many people may not expect!!          Sex is an activity that all men desire. And also try to do everything possible to have impressive sex. And no matter what form your sex takes. Please believe

Salmon with 5 benefits and dangers that you should know

Salmon is one of the most popular foods today and is rich in protein. Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals that are essential to the body. But sometimes eating too much salmon May cause exposure to mercury that can cause harm to health , such as muscle weakness. vision changes mood swings Memory problems Before

What are the symptoms of drug allergies? lost or not

What are the symptoms of drug allergies? lost or not. Every time you go to the doctor Doctors always ask “Are you allergic to any drug?” Because if allergic to any drug The doctor will not order Some people may not know if they are allergic to any drug or not. Therefore,

Face mask recipes with olive oil for moisturized skin

Face mask recipes with olive oil for moisturized skin, including ingredients and methods for making them. Want to nourish your face to be moisturized, healthy, not dry, recommend 7 facial mask recipes withExtra virgin olive oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Follow this! Which is considered a

Is “juice” good for health as everyone says?

Is “juice” good for health as everyone says? Fruit juice is another beverage that many people consider good for health. Because it is a product obtained from fruit. That is considered healthy food. But are fruit juices actually as good for health as many people think? This article from

5 diseases from inappropriate “eating behavior”

5 diseases from inappropriate “eating behavior“ Did you know that your eating habits affect your body’s functioning more than you think? But choosing the type of food It may cause the body to function very well. Or it may increase the risk eating behavior of causing serious disease